Friday, June 13, 2008

Pup-Peroni Dog Snacks - Free Dog Snacks Sample

Wow, the second free sample for your Labrador Retriever to try in two days. Going to spoil them (or give them diarrhea).

This one is for a free sample of Pup-Peroni® dog snacks which is being offered from Walmart. Both of my Labrador Retriever girls have tried this one, with one liking them and one not to fond of them.

You do get a choice of the Pup-Peroni RIBS or Pup-Peroni 50 Calorie Pack (I didn't even know they made a 50 calorie pack).

Information from Walmart:

Pup-Peroni® Ribs Dog Snacks - These snacks have an irresistible smoky aroma and delectable hints of hickory and molasses flavors. They’re made with real beef and fortified with calcium.

Pup-Peroni® 50 Calorie Beef Snack Pouches for Dogs - Take the guesswork out of indulging your dog with these convenient 50-calorie pouches that give your dog just the right amount of the delicious 90% lean beef snacks they love.

Walmart samples are available to the US only.

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