Saturday, March 29, 2008

Adding another Labrador Retriever to the Family

I received an e-mail from Connie, in regards to bringing home a new Labrador Retriever puppy to a home that already has a Labrador Retriever present.

I had the pleasure of becoming wonderful friends with Connie soon after she sent me an e-mail concerning her yellow Labrador Retriever named Cosmo. See Yellow Labrador Retriever Losing Hair on Sides - part I

Besides the information I have to share with Connie, we thought it would be helpful if the readers of the All About Labradors blog can share any knowledge they may have.

If anyone has any tips on bringing home a second dog and would like to share them with Connie, it would be greatly appreciated. If you would like, you can add your tips in the form of a comment (just click on comments at the bottom of this post) or send me an e-mail (click "Contact Me" on the top left side of this blog).

Thanks to all.

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