Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Tyson Updates

From: Lyn (Australia)

Subject: Updates on chocolate Labrador Retriever who had problems urinating in the house.

Labrador Retriever Name: Tyson

Here are three different updates on Tyson. Lyn has been such a sweetheart and has been keeping me updated along the way. She has even added a new beautiful Labrador (Bindi) to the family!

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Part II can be read here: Male Labrador Retriever urinates in my house - part II

Reader's E-mail - Lyn Writes:

Update #1

Hi Fay

Just thought I would email you with an update on Tyson, my chocolate Lab.

I read all the information you sent and it was very helpful. I spent a couple of days going over it all and taking it all in.

I decided to buy him an outside bed and see how that went at night, only letting him inside for short periods when we are home, it has been over a week now and each time he has come inside there have been no problems. He now eats and sleeps outside permanently and seems to be responding to my authority much more than he was before. I think I mentioned he did have a biting problem as well when he was excited, I am pleased to tell you that has also eased quite a bit and now instead of being playfully bitten when playing with him, I am getting lots of licks instead. It was a case of putting more time in and reinforcing the "NO" and reinforcing the "kisses" instead of biting. I know kisses might sound strange but it has worked.

He now seems to have realised that good behaviour has rewards and bad behaviour is not so nice when he is put outside and ignored.

He still has moments when he forgets and bites but then immediately starts licking my hands and is much more gentle. I might be speaking too early as it has only been just over a week, but it is so nice to come home and have a pup that is learning the difference between good and bad behaviour.and to have hands that aren't cut from his sharp teeth. We now have walks each day when it isn't raining and a lot of play time burning up some of that energy he has.

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He is the good natured little guy I always knew he was.

Thank you so much for all your advice and I am sure over time there will be something else I need to ask you. I have attached a recent photo of my partner with Tyson.


Update #2

Hi Fay

Here are some photos of my 6 month old choc lab Tyson who you helped me with a few months ago and our adopted baby 18 month old lab Bindi who came into our family this week.

Tyson is doing well and so happy he now has a friend to play with during the day. They were both in the same situation with owners at work all day and being left on their own, so our "adoption" of Bindi has worked well for both of them She is so well trained and does everything on command, we are hoping that Tyson will follow suit. If Bindi is told to sit, Tyson will sit etc, fingers crossed.


Update #3

Hi Fay

Thanks for your reply.

Tyson is doing very well and since we have had Bindi has grown up a lot. His biting has completely stopped and is now more affectionate and is the beautiful boy I always knew was inside him. He has a funny personality and is a real comic.

Bindi is doing well and has become a part of the family very quickly, she is so very placid and very feminine but if Tyson becomes overwhelming she is not afraid to make him do what she wants him to do.

I will keep in touch and thank you again for your help it was invaluable.


To see some wonderful photos of Tyson and Bindi visit: Tyson and Bindi 01/15/08

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