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Chocolate Labrador Retriever with nose problem - part I

This e-mail comes from Bob and Ericka in Canada. Their 2 year old chocolate Labrador Retriever named Lexie has a few problems in regards to her nose. This is part one of a two part e-mail.

Reader's E-mail - Bob and Ericka Write:


My 2 year old Chocolate labrador Lexie has had a bit of a nose problem for the past year or so.


Basically her nose is scaly but still has the brown pigmentation. But in the area's where her tongue can reach the skin on her nose is moist but very raw from licking it alot. She always seems to have a runny nose and its a very clear liquid.

We thought at first she might have a cold, but she has never had any other symptoms of one. Then we thought she might be allergic to her food, so we change it for awhile, then the vet asked us to put her on non alergen food, that didn't help either. So now after trying maybe 3 different foods and also trying to add trippett dog food to her diet on a regular basis she still has the scaley runny nose. We are currently giving her fish oil capsules daily to see if they might work but it is to early to see any noticable effects.

We also have two cats and were thinking she may be allegic to the cats but we havent really been able to get Lexie in an environment away from the cats to be sure.

The weird thing about this whole thing is that it doesn't seem to bother Lexie in the slightest, she never tries to scratch it or rub it on anything and we constantly put vasaline on her nose to put a bit of a film on it so she wont be actually licking it raw.

We have been looking and asking all over the place for answers and have had no luck.

What ever insight you have would be appreciated. Thank you

Bob and Ericka

All About Labradors Answer:

Hi Bob and Ericka,

Thanks for writing and visiting All About Labradors blog. My apologies for the delay, as I receive many questions and with a full household and answering every question, it takes me some time.

A couple of questions I have in order for me to try to be of some help to you:

Did your veterinarian doing any kind of testing on Lexie?

What kind of foods did you try and what is she eating now?

Besides the dog foods, do you feed her anything else (treats, table scrapes) Be specific with anything else you feed her.

Is she an inside dog or outside dog (lives inside or out)?

How long has this discharge been going on?

She has never lost the pigment from her nose?

What kind of bowls does she eat and drink from (plastic, stainless steel)?

Any discharge from the eyes, sneezing, coughing, itching, diarrhea, constipation (be specific with anything)?

Any redness or inflammation to nose?

Any other medical problems now or in the past (problem with paws, mouth, etc)?

With all the email questions I receive, I always ask a favor of the person writing. If you have any photos of your Labrador Retriever, that you could email me, I would love to post them to the Labrador Retriever Pictures blog. You DO NOT have to send a photo to receive an answer to your question.

If you do send a photo, and would like any caption to appear under the photo (Ex: Fido eating the garbage, my trip to the beach, dressed up for Christmas, etc.) make sure you let me know.

Please get back to me with the answers to these questions, and we will see what we can do for Lexie.

Talk to you soon,


To read part two visit: Chocolate Labrador Retriever with nose problem - part II

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