Wednesday, January 31, 2007

New Labrador Retriever Pictures Blog

I have decided to create another blog just for pictures of Labrador Retrievers ( ). I have many pictures of Labradors sent in from the readers of this blog (thank you for sharing, they are all beautiful).

What I am going to be doing is to post the pictures on the new blog, while keeping All About Labradors as more of the information blog for your e-mail questions, news, training, articles and so forth. Just like it is now.

The new blog will be strictly pictures of our lovable breed. Pictures of Labrador Retrievers in action shots, playful photos, holiday pictures, or just your Lab sitting their looking cute. Whatever kind of photos you would like to see posted. You can also add captions under your pictures (Example: This is Fido catching a frisbee, my lab swimming, etc). For pictures that have already been submitted, I will write something for them.

The name of this new blog is Labrador Retriever Pictures (I know, very original). Keep the pictures coming in, along with all your questions and nice comments and now you can enjoy both blogs.

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