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Limping Labrador

Readers email :

Hi, my name is a Dina, I have a 6 month old chocolate lab named Bennelli. When he was about 4 months old he began to limp. I watched him closely and noticed that the leg he was limping on would change. I took him to my vet and she told me it looked like Pano, too change the protein level in his food and he should improve. For the pain give a buffered asiprin which I also do.

He is now 6 months, he does not limp as often but when he does he almost avoids putting any pressure on the leg at all. I have touched and applied pressure to the current leg and I get no response of pain from him. I am just worried about him is there anything else I can do for him?

Thank you for your time,


Hi Dina,

I'm sorry to hear about Bennelli. For cases of Pano, choose a high quality dog food, one that doesn't have a high percentage of protein, provides moderate fats, and provides a complete balance of nutrients for him. What are you feeding him now?

I do know some breeders that recommend changing to an adult dog food as early as six months of age.

I have also heard others that have used vitamin C or Ester-C - 1000 mg/day.

Were x-rays taken of Bennelli?

Let me know how it is going if you try the vitamin C and/or switch dog foods also. Will also try to find out more help with Pano.

Take care,


I changed his dog food to a low fat and low protein diet at 4 months. He has had 2 x-rays and they where normal. I took him to the vet this past Friday, he was examed again and given the remander of his vacine cycles. The vet has stated she has seen pano up to 7 months.

Bennelli has been limping now for about 5 days straight. I still give him 2 buffered aspirin every 6 to 8 hours to help with the pain. From what I undestand to Bennelli it feels like athritis. I just want him to be a happy dog and it bothers me so much there isn't much more I can do. I can tell he wants to be more active but he ends up just lieing around. I get about 2 gusts of energy a day the biggest when I get home from work.

I read about the vit C as well but some sites tell you to use and some say its a don't because it throws off the balance from his dog food, but I am going to research it so me more to make aure it is a safe opition for him. Again I thank you for your time and as I get more info I will share with you.

Thank you again from Bennelli and myself. Have a wonderful day.

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