Thursday, April 19, 2012

Traveling with your Dog

We all have heard the statement that “dogs are person’s best friend.” But dog owners really understand the truth behind that statement. Dogs become part of the family and bringing them along on vacation is a treat for them and makes your trip that much better. Traveling with a dog is a very rewarding experience for the both of you.

The ability to take your dog with you on extended stays and still have the companionship that it brings is second to none. But, when dogs travel there are precautions and equipment that must be in place to keep your pet healthy and comfortable during the trip.

Precautions that Must be in Place

Make sure that your dog has been taken to the vet prior to a long trip. Your vet should be able to tell you the dog is healthy enough to travel and is caught up with all of its shots. They will also be able to inform you of ways to keep your dog healthy while you travel.

Be sure to give your dog plenty of food and water. If your dog has been in the heat, he’ll be in need of water and food. Dogs left in the heat without water and food can end up getting sick or worse. If you stop for a break, then give your pet one too. Your dog will need time to run and burn off excess energy. They will also have the chance to take care of business so there won’t be accidents while in the vehicle traveling.

If you’re catching a flight your dog can fly too. Unless you have a seeing eye dog your canine companion won’t be able be able sit up in first-class with you. Dogs can catch the flight too but it will be stored down in another compartment inside of its traveling container. And to answer a common question, it’s not a good decision to give your pet medication to sedate it before a flight.

Equipment Needed to Travel with Your Dog

One important item that you should have for your dog is a cage that he can call his own. The cage is more than just a place to keep your dog secure and safe. It is a place that he will be able to be comfortable in and relax in, surrounded by familiarity.

Inside of the cage there should be items that are familiar to your dog. There should be some toys, blankets and even dishes that your dog loves to use. You will find that the more familiar your dog is with the better they will take the travels and the new environment.

Your dog should also have a travel health insurance policy that will cover it if a vet is needed while on vacation. Pet insurance is a way that your pet can see a vet without costing you a fortune. After all when you purchase health insurance for yourself you should also get some for your pet.

Be sure to have your dog’s collar with you at all times. Your dog should wear its collar just in case you get separated from it and a pound collects the dog. With the proper identification they will know that it’s a pet and not a random stray dog. The collar should have the license and contact information needed to reunite you and your dog.

The same you look into travel insurance for yourself you should protect “man’s best friend.”

Traveling with your Dog is a Guest Post by Maire Hunter.

Maire enjoys baking double chocolate brownies and walking her Scottish Terrier, Pete.

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