Monday, February 27, 2012

Teach Me How to "Doggie"; Dancing Dogs

Dancing is not only for the humans. Dogs have also taken center stage in this talent in the form of Heelwork for Music or Canine Freestyle. This “dancing dog” sport is increasingly becoming popular both on dog owners and audiences because it offers the perfect mix of music, tricks, and obedience. The best thing about this sport is that it can be done by any dog, whatever their breed or size is.

Most owners are intimidated with the whole idea of teaching their dog tricks. Yes, teaching your dog how to dance can be a little challenging but the entire trip in getting there will be a very fun bonding activity for both you and your dog.

Use Clicker Training

This communicate technique is the best way to train dogs. The “click” is the cue that tells the dog the correct action that it has earned to merit a reward. This way, the dog will likely perform the action again. This has long been used to teach other animals like dolphins.

Find a Tricks Class

Enroll your dog in a class where the animal is able to master some of the most basic tricks known to man. These classes should be able to properly implement trick training along with general obedience training. You can also choose to teach your dog on your own. There are so many DVDs and books where you can get everything that you will need to successfully do so.

Know What Your Dog Likes

Dogs are pretty much humans in a way that they will have their own picks of their favorite activities. As their owner and trainer, it would be helpful to know what these moves are. You can use this to facilitate the training of your dag. Work your way around these moves and devise tricks and dance moves that are related to it.

Enroll Your Dog in an Obedience Class

You may opt to train your dog on your own but it would be a good idea to leave obedience training in the hands of the experts. Dog dancing is done off-leash and so your dog will need to be able to behave and follow your commands.

Practice in Succession

While any dog can learn a single trick and be done with it, the sport of dog dancing will require them to perform a number of moves one after the other. Therefore, you have to learn to reward your dog right after the series of tricks have been executed.

Look for Good Music

Any music that has a good rhythm and beat should be a good piece to dance into. Make sure that you attune the dance steps of the whole routine. Appropriately place in the dog moves and tricks. Plan and master the entire dance before you actually teach it to your dog.

Put Everything Together

Note that the first few times of dancing with your dog can get a little chaotic. Never be discouraged to not go on. Break the whole dance into segments and patiently teach your dog it. Before you know it, both of you will be flawlessly grooving with the music.

Guest post provided by Amy C:

Amy C. is an animal blogger. She writes about providing the proper care for animals that are commonly kept as household pets. During her downtime, she performs administrative work and blogging activities for Greyside Group, a maritime security and executive protection company. Stay tuned for her next post for more interesting information about pets.

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