Monday, September 13, 2010

Exercising your Labrador Retriever: Keep Him Happy and Yourself Healthy

Labrador retrievers have got quite a special reputation within the pedigree world: they are known for their friendliness and their loyalty, their temperament and their unique character, and for being eternal buddies. Indeed they are one of the most popular breeds of dog, and they are a staple of virtually every community in the country, gracing parks and backyards from coast to coast. Yet, as a large dog, a Labrador retriever is in need of frequent exercise and proper care in order to stay in good health, and ironically the very things that you will need to do to accomplish his health will also help you keep your own health where you want it. There can be no denying that a happy Lab is the necessary counterpart to a healthy owner, so make sure you’re taking proper care of your dog and start getting out there for a good bit of regular exercise.

Let it be clear: constant exercise isn’t just recommendable for Labrador retrievers, it is necessary. Black Lab FetchLabs are highly energetic dogs, and therefore their bodies absolutely must be given constant stimulus through exercise, much more so than with tinier dogs, for example. The very friendly and playful nature of Labs makes it easier to fill this exercise quota, thankfully, and all sorts of games can be played.

As their name implies, they are great for playing fetch, whether it be with a ball or with a Frisbee or just the classic old stick you find in the park. This playfulness means that all members of the family, the kids in particular, will be able to help in keeping the dog in good shape and happy as can be. A great purchase for Labradors is one of those tennis ball launchers, take one down to the park and your lab will be happy for hours.

An excellent habit to get into for the sake of your Lab’s happiness and your own health is to go on daily long walks or jogs. Play and games aside, this is the key, the foundation on which you will be able to accomplish the goals you have for your Lab and for yourself. Ideally a jog or walk of several miles should be taken every day to really live up to your obligations in this regard, and you should consider changing up the route of your walk/job to keep it interesting for yourself and your dog. WalkingOf course, as your Labrador begins to age you are going to need to change things up, going on slightly lighter and shorter outings to prevent excessive stress on the joints and muscles of your dog.

If you have a young Labrador and want to try some outdoor cardio exercise, you could purchase a running harness for your dog and go out for a jog together. The harness means that your hands are free for running, but you’ll need to have a pretty well trained lab who will run with you rather than drag you around the route!

As with humans, sufficient exercise needs to be accompanied by a proper diet, both of which will help keep your Lab’s weight in check. Be sure to check with your veterinarian as to which kinds of dog food products are appropriate for your Lab, taking into account its age of course. The proper food will ensure that your dog has got the strength and the nutrition to do the necessary exercise, helping it stay happy and helping yourself get in shape!

CompanionNot only will a healthy diet and regular exercise mean that both you and your beloved pet will feel better, spending more time in activity together also means that your bond will be stronger than ever. So go out there and have fun!


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You said ironically. You meant coincidentally.

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