Monday, March 24, 2008

Please Help Raise Funds for the Atlanta Humane Society

Hello everyone. I hope all is well and everyone enjoyed their Easter. I am writing this post to ask for help for a reader (and friend) of the All About Labradors blog.

Her name is Patricia White and on Saturday, April 12th 2008, along with her beautiful yellow Labrador Retriever Haley, fellow animal lovers and their pets will meet in Candler Park as thousands of paws walk for a cause to raise funds for the Atlanta Humane Society.

Patricia and fellow teammates at Veracity Payments have joined forces to help raise Money to prevent pet homelessness. Her goal is to raise $2,000.

A small donation can go a long way in helping prevent pet homelessness. If anyone would like to help out, please visit Patti and Haley White's Fundraising Page at:

Thanks to all for providing any help you can, it's greatly appreciated.

I'd also like to commend Patricia on taking on a noble cause and wish her much luck and success.

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